Does Faith = Hate?

Rod Dreher had a thoughtful article at The American Conservative that quotes Maggie.  An excerpt:

This summer’s Windsor decision from the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, but it did not declare a constitutional right to gay marriage. Yet even Maggie Gallagher, the country’s most tireless and high-profile opponent of same-sex marriage, now believes such an outcome is a foregone conclusion.

“It’s clear that the courts are going to shut down the marriage debate and impose gay marriage uniformly,” she says. “There is not yet a unified sense of where we go from here, except for this: there is an accelerating awareness that the consequence of marriage equality is going to be extremely negative for traditionalist Christians.”

…To gay marriage supporters, homosexuality is, like race, a morally neutral condition. Opponents disagree, believing that because homosexuality, like heterosexuality, has to do with behavior, it cannot be separated from moral reflection. As Gallagher put it in a 2010 paper in Northwestern University’s law journal, “Skin color does not give rise to a morality.”Read More…

Seattle Forbids Christians From Feeding Homeless

Christians trying to feed the homeless run up against the urban bureaucrats who want to funnel all volunteer feeding efforts through one central city-controlled site—of all the reasons the city might want to do so (and there are a lot of them) this one leaped out at me:

“By requiring that all food be served at the site, Takami said the city can control the nutritional value of what the homeless eat”

God forbid you offer the homeless some french fries. Or if God doesn’t, Seattle wants to.

A Christmas Message from Maggie Gallagher

“What’s your favorite Christmas song?”  my sister, who is not a Christian, asked me.

Christmas was always and extraordinarily joyous season in my home growing up, even after my mother left the Catholic faith and my father drifted in that direction.

I revel in all that some deride as excessively pagan trappings of the season: glittery Christmas wrapping paper, butter cookies, red-nosed reindeers, a riot of Christmas lights!

“But what does it all mean to you without Christ?” my high school boyfriend, a Baptist convert asked me back then and I spontaneously broke out into a chorus of “city sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style, in the air there’s a feeling of Christmas!”

I couldn’t understand my faithful boyfriend’s puzzlement, back in my atheist days. I only knew, then, that even people without an explicit faith can sense the sacred and rejoice in it.

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Hollywood Searches for God

Welcome back!

Since you and I last conversed, there’s been an election.

The Republicans, hungry as never before to defeat a mediocre president, failed to unseat him.

Four marriage amendments lost at the ballot for the first time.

People are flailing around angry, hurt, disappointed and yes, scared.

I fell silent because I feel strongly this is a time for thinking hard.

Watching GOP elites–including Ann Coulter bless her!–blame the GOP defeats on social issues is so sad and comically stupid that I have a hard time engaging in that debate.

Mitt Romney ran on economic issues.  He and his surrogate Karl Rove spent not a dime of the almost one billion dollars they spent on ads touting Romney’s socially conservative views on life or marriage.  Pres. Obama’s new assault on religious liberty went mostly unmentioned, for fear it would be turned into a debate on contraception.  The impending battle at the Supreme Court to constitutionalize gay marriage went unmentioned.  The fact that the Obama mandates will fund drugs that can cause abortions went unnoticed.

So in our two-party system, one party went all in on pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-government mandates on religion.  The other party fell silent, in response, and tried to run on the promise that “economic competence”– limited government, lower spending, no new taxes— would restart the economy.

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Equal Protection for Conservatives and Christians

Tell Congress to make sure Christians and other traditional believer receive the equal protection of the laws: Hate, death threats, and now physical shootings are being made against supporters of traditional marriage–and yet the police in our nation’s capitol have yet to classify them as a potential hate crime–even though the D.C. law specifically requires it.

No-one should be afraid to speak, to donate, to write, to vote or to politically organize on behalf of an idea as beautiful and basic as: to make a marriage you need a husband and wife.

As a special gift for taking action, you will receive a free subscription to my newsletter Culture War Victory Fund.

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The Left’s Attack on Moms

Pres. Obama just came down on Hilary Rosen for attacking Ann Romney.

“There is no tougher job than being a mom,” President Obama told a Cedar Rapids television station, mentioning his own wife and mother. He added, “I don’t have a lot of patience for commentary about the spouses of political candidates. My general view is those of us who are in the public life, we’re fair game. Our families are civilians.”

Good on him.

Hilary is the former partner of the former head of the Human Rights Campaign, Elizabeth Birch.  It’s probably not relevant, but almost nobody is reporting it so I mention it.

More importantly, Hilary’s defense of her attack on Ann Romney is profoundly wrong, in a hundred different ways.

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Will Obamacare Force You to Drop Your Family’s Health Insurance?

The shocked look on CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin’s face as he emerged from the Supreme Court oral arguments over Obamacare was priceless:

“This was a train wreck for the Obama administration. This law looks like it’s going to be struck down. I’m telling you, all of the predictions, including mine, that the justices would not have a problem with this law, were wrong,” Toobin said on CNN on Tuesday.

By Wednesday, Toobin had upped the ante: “This still looks like a train wreck for the Obama Administration, and it may also be a plane wreck. This entire law is now in serious trouble. It also seems that the individual mandate is doomed.”

Somewhere, Ronald Reagan is smiling.

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Obama’s Anti-Religious Mandates: Worse Than You Think

I woke up yesterday morning in Columbus, Ohio,  part of a rolling 20 city tour through Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia for life, for marriage and religious liberty.

The Culture War Victory Fund has teamed with the Susan B. Anthony List to stand and defend these core civilizational values.

This election in November is going to be make or break for American civilization.

A conservatism worthy of the name has to be committed to conserving and (where necessary) reviving the animating values of our Founding Fathers.

In Columbus, on a platform with Sen. Mike DeWine and Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, speaking to a crowd of cheering Tea Party activists, Pro-lifers, and ordinary Americans shocked by Pres. Obama’s overreach, I said that there is no genuine divide between social issues and economic issues—between the deep foundational sources of America and the policies that either limit government and promote growth or destroy both.

This biggest of the Big Lies now being foisted on us: that somehow we have to choose between our core values and winning elections.

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