Children Are Spanked Less Often, Regimented More

I read this blog post by the always interesting Meg McCardle with mixed reactions. It centers around the decline of spanking and whether that’s good for children. She points out spanking has been replaced by a highly regimented regime of constant supervision with gold stars for good behavior That probably does cause children to internalize both a respect for the idea that authority is well-intentioned and an enormous sense of entitlement to a lot of time and attention from authority. Or so bosses complain.

I was never spanked, so I don’t focus on that—its’ a marker not the main thing. But I do think childhood has been diminished in some ways by the loss of freedom and initiative our upper middle class parenting methods entail. And it’s extremely hard to do this kind of parenting with more than one or two children so as a norm it actually may be dysfunction for family life in some ways.

Why We Stopped Spanking

A Santorum surge?

Rick Santorum snagged two big endorsement today, Bob Vander Plaats, who lead the fight to oust 3 Iowa judges, and Chuck Hurley, who heads the Focus on the Family affiliated Iowa Family Policy Center. Hurley hints Perry and Bachmann should step down so social conservatives can united around Santorum. Seems a long shot. But with Gingrich fading, look for Rick to do better than expected.

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Will Voters Care About Gingrich’s Marriage?

Listening to Fox News today discuss whether anyone cares about the personal life of presidential candidates, one Fox girl said something like “Now that most people are divorced, why would they care that Gingrich is divorced?”

It made me sad she doesn’t know that most people are not divorced–probably most people in her world are divorced.

In particular the number of people who have serially married and divorced at Gingrichian levels is quite small.

The latest Census data Evaluation of the Marital Events Items on the ACS shows that “The number of men who had been married three or more times according to the 2008 ACS was 5.2% while in the 2004 SIPP it was 4.5%. The number of women who had been married three or more times according to the 2008 ACS was 5.1% while in the 2004 SIPP it was 4.2.” (See page 16).

That is somewhere between 4 and 5 percent of American women or men have married three times, depending on the data source.

Postmodern Love Story, Ends Tragically

I can’t tell you why I clicked on this link. Maybe it’s the disjuncture between the way sex crimes are treated when they involved someone famous and how the court system routinely handles horrible things people do in the course of pursuing their satisfactions.

Six years?

Question: How do you kill a woman during a sex act and get only six years in prison?

Answer: You fall in love with and propose to a prostitute after several encounters, celebrate your engagement with drugs and bondage sex party; when she dies (allegedly accidentally) drive the corpse from California to Mississippi to say goodbye to your ‘family’ (ex and kids), let them wrestled the gun you intend to kill yourself away from you, and set fire to your own truck in a bizarre pseudo-attempt to take your own life.

He will be eligible for parole in just a few years.

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Breitbart Resigns from GOProud Board, citing “zero tolerance” for “intentional infliction of vocational and family harm”

When Rick Perry released an ad saying “you don’t need to be in the pew every Sunday to know that there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school,” the gay press started expressing outrage toward Tony Fabrizio, Rick Perry’s pollster, who apparently is gay. This is a tactic often used now by gay advocates—try to raise the cost of expressing anti-gay marriage or “anti-gay” sentiments by exposing to public attack everyone who is willing to associate with someone they designate as a bigot.

In this case the fact that the person whose business and personal interests were attacked is himself gay led Andrew Breitbart to resign from the board of GOProud. (GOProud was kicked out of CPAC last year, for among other things, calling distinguished D.C. conservative lawyer Cleta Mitchell a “bigot.”):

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Stop the War on Baby Girls!


Should any American abort a child because it’s the “wrong” sex? Or the “wrong” race for that matter?

Congress has both the right and the responsibility to prevent this kind of discrimination based on gender or race. Please join the petition below and tell Congress to prevent the twin barbarisms of sex-based and race-based abortion!

Dear Senator or Congressman–

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Washington Examiner on PRENDA

Joel Gehrke from the Washington Examiner has posted about PRENDA and the effort to allow prosecution of those (like Planned Parenthood) that perform abortions for race or sex-selection.

“Sex-selection is happening in the United States,” Franks wrote in a letter to other legislators last week, citing a study that showed “certain segments of the U.S. population –particularly those coming from countries that practice sex-selection abortions — have unnaturally skewed sex-ratios at birth caused by sex-selection “most likely at the prenatal stages.”

Franks explained that “the woman seeking [such] an abortion is exempt from prosecution, while abortion providers are held to account.”

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