Equal Protection for Conservatives and Christians

Tell Congress to make sure Christians and other traditional believer receive the equal protection of the laws: Hate, death threats, and now physical shootings are being made against supporters of traditional marriage–and yet the police in our nation’s capitol have yet to classify them as a potential hate crime–even though the D.C. law specifically requires it.

No-one should be afraid to speak, to donate, to write, to vote or to politically organize on behalf of an idea as beautiful and basic as: to make a marriage you need a husband and wife.

As a special gift for taking action, you will receive a free subscription to my newsletter Culture War Victory Fund.

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Help Win the Culture War!


Can we achieve victory in the culture wars?

Can we successfully make a stand for marriage, life, and religious liberty?

If you, like Maggie, believe that this is a battle worth fighting–and one that we can win–than sign up below to become a member of the Culture War Victory Fund!

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Stop Obama’s Stealth Database!

Smuggled into the common core standards legislation states quickly passed under financial pressure from the Department of Education was the requirement that states assemble a new kind of database on every public school child: one that allows the government to track every individual child through the years, without parental permission.

This includes information on your child’s health, religion, disciplinary action . . . even your family’s income!

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Repeal Obama’s Anti-Religious Mandates

The Senate will vote on SB1467 this week—Missouri Senator Roy Blunt’s “Respect for Rights of Conscience Act.” This bill will protect your liberty and children’s lives by gutting Obamacare mandates.

Tell Congress: take away Pres. Obama’s power to order people of faith to subsidize abortion-causing drugs. Sign the petition below to send a message to Congress to protect your faith and your freedom from Obamacare abortion mandates.

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Act Now & Ask Congress to Defend Marriage!

In San Francisco, federal judges go wild, strike down Prop 8, and take away the rights of 7 million Californians who voted for marriage.

In Washington, once again Pres. Obama is refusing to do his job and defend DOMA.

Pres. Obama tried to silence military chaplains. Now he’s making the military lie down, saying he will refuse to defend DOMA if same-sex military couples try to get taxpayer financed federal benefits they are not entitled to by law.

When our government exceeds the just powers given to it by the consent of the people, it’s time for the people to take action.

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Thank Santorum for Standing for Principle!

Yes, I want to thank Rick Santorum for his fearless defense of life, marriage and religious liberty.

Yes, I want to fight back against the hard left which attempt to smear not only Santorum but many decent and good people who stand up for marriage.

Yes I want to tell the Wall street Journal and all the GOP elites: values voters matter.

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Stop the War on Baby Girls!


Should any American abort a child because it’s the “wrong” sex? Or the “wrong” race for that matter?

Congress has both the right and the responsibility to prevent this kind of discrimination based on gender or race. Please join the petition below and tell Congress to prevent the twin barbarisms of sex-based and race-based abortion!

Dear Senator or Congressman–

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