Next Gen Heroes for Marriage

The New York Times (!) notices that a new group of next gen heroes for marriage are arising:

They identify themselves as part of the “pro-marriage movement” and see themselves at the beginning of a long political struggle, much like the battle over abortion. If they can begin shifting the terms of the debate away from gay rights and toward the meaning of marriage, they say, they have a chance to survive short-term defeats.

Either way, they are not planning on giving up any time soon.

What Other Issue Has Experienced Such a Rapid Polling Shift as Marriage?

Over at Family Scholars, David Blankenhorn posted a graph of the shift in public opinion on gay marriage (in response to the question “legal or illegal?),  and suggests, “I can’t recall any issue on which U.S. opinion has changed this quickly“.
Here’s another recent example, from 1996 to 1998 “With respect to abortion do you consider yourself pro-life or prochoice?”

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