Breakthrough News: How Two Moms Took Down the Common Core

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Meet Heather Crossin and Erin Tuttle.

You can see them just below with APP’s Emmett McGroarty (whom Heather calls “The General” of the movement to repeal the Common Core) at a historic bill-signing ceremony with Indiana Governor Mike Pence making Indiana the first state to “pause” the Common Core State Standards.


I know Emmett well and I’ve admired his thoughtfulness, his grit, and his determination to rollback what was essentially a secret plan between D.C. trade groups, the Gates Foundation, and the Obama administration to foist a set of untested standards on virtually every state in America.

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NRO: Two Moms vs. Common Core

Indiana has become the first state to retreat from the Common Core standards, as Governor Mike Pence has just signed a bill suspending their implementation.

A great deal has been written and spoken about Common Core, but it is worth rehearsing the outlines again. Common Core is a set of math and English standards developed largely with Gates Foundation money and pushed by the Obama administration and the National Governors Association. The standards define what every schoolchild should learn each year, from first grade through twelfth, and the package includes teacher evaluations tied to federally funded tests designed to ensure that schools teach to Common Core.

Over 40 states hurriedly adopted Common Core, some before the standards were even written, in response to the Obama administration’s making more than $4 billion in federal grants conditional on their doing so. Only Texas, Alaska, Virginia, and Nebraska declined. (Minnesota adopted the English but not the math standards.)

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Video: FRC Hero Thwarts Domestic Terrorist

The Family Research Council (FRC) has released video footage of the terrorist (whom I refuse to name) who entered FRC last year armed with 100 rounds of ammo.  Security guard Leo Johnson tackled him after having his arm shattered by a gunshot, saving countless lives.  The would-be killer told the FBI he targeted FRC based on the Southern Poverty Law Center “anti-gay hate” list.  An unrepentant SPLC still has that list up.

California’s AB 460: Redefining Infertility

In California, legislators fresh from the job of redefining marriage and redefining parenthood, are now onto the great task of redefining “infertility.”  AB 460 will right the great injustice nature has imposed on gay couples by mandating health insurance cover gay infertility.


I do not know if they must attempt to have sex for a year without producing a child (as heterosexual couples must) to qualify as “infertile.”

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No, Not Another Post about SSM

“Old, trusted words no longer mean what they used to mean; often, they don’t mean anything at all. Our language, much like everything these days, has been hacked. Fuzzy, contentious, and complex ideas have been stripped of their subversive connotations and replaced by cleaner, shinier, and emptier alternatives”
-Evgeny Morozov, The Baffler on a different set of redefinitions.

Maggie Discusses SCOTUS and Marriage on CBN

Maggie was interviewed last night on CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) News to discuss the same-sex marriage cases before the Supreme Court this week.  Here is some of what she said:

There doesn’t seem to be a stomach right now for a sweeping decision requiring gay marriage in all 50 states


I think it’s apples and oranges [to compare same-sex marriage to inter-racial marriage]…Marriage is about bringing together the two great halves of humanity: Male and female so a child can know and be known by, and love and be loved by a mother and a father.


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Maggie Quoted by the Associated Press

In addition to her multiple media appearances over the past couple of weeks (a summary of which can be found here), Maggie was quoted once again in the Associated Press, this time in their Big Story section.  Maggie said:

It requires no courage, at this point in history, to side with gay marriage advocates.


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Maggie on Marriage Roundup

Take the Supreme Court hearing Proposition 8 and DOMA arguments this week and add in the first annual March for Marriage and you get a very busy media week for Maggie.  Here are some of the highlights from her appearances the past few weeks:

National Review Online: The Politics of the New Normal-Maggie Gallagher on Marriage

Fox News: America Live with Megyn Kelly

NPR: As Support for Gay Marriage Grows, An Opponent Looks Ahead

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