About Us

Is victory in the culture war possible?

At the Culture War Victory Fund,  Maggie Gallagher uses the experience and insight she has gained in winning “impossible” victories to offer insight into the culture war we now face –and to chart new pathways to victory.   CWVF’s goal is to find the Americans who want to do two things: to think and to act in defense of core American principles: life, marriage and religious liberty.

Cultural power is above all the power to “name reality.”

Is that thing in the mother’s womb just a clump of cells, or is it a human life, worthy of respect and protection?  That’s the culture war over abortion.

Are two men in a union just the same as a union of husband and wife?  Or is there something special about the unions we all depend on to make new life and connect children to their mothers and fathers?  That’s the culture war over marriage.

Can government really redefine traditional Christian beliefs as the moral and/or legal equivalent of racism?  Or is the power of government limited by the moral principles of America’s founding? That’s the emerging culture war over religious liberty.

At the Culture War Victory Fund, we see these issues not as distractions but a core– fundamental to our future as a civilization.

And our ultimate pathway to victory against those who would redefine American culture is a deep commitment to a simple idea:   truth matters.