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For 25 years, Maggie has been a thought leader on life, religious liberty and especially marriage. She is the author of four books on marriage (including “The Case for Marriage” with University of Chicago Prof. Linda J. Waite); her latest book “Debating Same-sex Marriage” (co-authored with Prof. John Corvino) was published in 2012 by Oxford University Press. After founding and running a think-tank on marriage (the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy), Maggie went on to co-found the National Organization for Marriage in 2007, which the Washington Post called the “pre-eminent organization” fighting the legalization of same-sex marriage. Her Weekly Standard piece “Banned in Boston” launched a national debate over the religious liberty consequences of same-sex marriage. Maggie stepped down from the board of NOM in the summer of 2012; she currently serves as a senior fellow with the American Principles Project.


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Debating Same-Sex MarriageThe Case for Marriage
The Abolition of MarriageEnemies of Eros


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5 thoughts on “About Maggie Gallagher

  1. Good morning Maggie,
    I just read your Christmas message and felt a need to tell you how deeply moving I found it to be. The story you told was so beautiful and so profoundly HUMAN. Your point about not knowing real hope until one feels despair helped me to realize that we, as a nation, have not known real hardship for many years and God knows it. Whatever difficulties arise will be through His permitting will and for our own good. My personal hope is in the rising sun each day and the firm conviction to strive for holiness with that gift. For it is only through that struggle that we can ever see the face of God and live. Thank you for all you are doing as that “voice crying in the wilderness”. We need more like you, but even more, we need those with “ears to hear”. God bless you and your family this Christmas!
    Maureen Pratt

  2. It breaks my heart that your commentary will no longer appear in our local (Xenia, Ohio) newspaper. I have read and re-read your commentaries over recent years and now there is little reason to subscribe to the paper. But thanks for offering this cyberspace option. I will forward your wonderful writings to friends and encourage them to tune in. Thank you for being you, and for standing for Godly morality. My family is with you; praying for you. When I write letters to the editor I will mention you.

    Keep up the optimism. The Lord God will give recompense for America’s evil ways. “They shall have their reward.”

  3. Thanks for all your wonderful work to sustain marriages in America.
    The liberal media hides many of the troubling statistics about gay relationships. Please take 2 mins. to watch this video.
    I believe that if more people knew this info (including our President) they could not support same sex marriage (smarriage). God bless.

  4. I just heard you on Bill Bennett’s show. As a professionally trained and award winning salesperson, I implore you to investigate the validity of what I am about to say. PLEASE never use propogandized terms like “gay marriage” or it’s equivalent. When one does this, they are actually mainstreaming the idea and desensitizing the general public to the sin and shame of this. These terms are oxymorons anyway since God as the institutor of this “honorable estate” has defined it as a man and a woman.
    The oppostion is attempting to “change marriage” or “redefine marriage” or “undo marriage”.
    AND THE ISSUE IS: Does the Creator have the right to tell the creature that he/she should not follow certain impulses? Does my God have the right to say, “Donna, you like Maggie’s husband, but he is forbidden fruit.” “Donna, you like Maggie’s car, but you can’t take it.” and finally, “Donna, you like Maggie, but you may not pursue that feeling.” I think He does and so do you and the majority of Americans, I suspect.
    We must place the responsibilty on the Good Lord Who in the Bible revealed what is acceptable to Him.
    There are some things He has forbidden and the practice of homosexuality is just one of them. Those who demand that our culture ascribe the same honor and privilege to a homosexual union as to a marriage are rising up against God, not against “tradition” or “history”.
    May America praise Him and may He bless us!
    Your friend,
    Donna McDermott

  5. I wanted to state to Maggie Gallagher that I felt she was rather articulate and her writing possessed a good deal of taste and journalistic substance, but I see she attended Yale…..so no big surprise! Her piece on Dinesh D’Souza was “On-Point” and she articulated with poise and tactfullness…more than I can say for him.

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