My Time at the Extraordinary Colloquium

Dear friends,
I just returned from an extraordinary 3 days in Rome. I hope to write at it at more length in the future, but here is my first take.
As always I love to hear from you personally about your critiques, concerns, etc.


Maggie,  I was surprised by how many political activists the Vatican invited.  Tony Perkins, folks from Alliance Defending Freedom, Heritage, etc. Of the prominent American invitees, most all of them (yourself included) have deep ties to conservative politics.  Which, to me, seems odd, at least if the church wants to play the role of a church rather than an overseas version of CPAC.

How do you feel about this?

Charlie Balsam
Charlie Balsam

THanks for your reflections, Maggie. I will surely seek the resources of the colloquium. My continuing, abiding, nagging concern is this:  what will church leaders DO to strengthen marriage across a couple's life cycle? (as per Familiaris consortio, nos. 65-70), not what will Kasper, Francis, or the next Synod, Colloquium, or the World Meeting of Families SAY about marriage. The the colloquium is saying it well. But most garden variety Christians will likely not hear it.

As already exhorted by St. John Paul II in 1981, I believe if our pastors do not take new, courageous, developmental, structural action to strengthen the other vocation in service to communion, inaction will continue to collude with the father of lies, and his "evangelization" which couples and families are receiving from various screens (where they spend many more hours than they do in parish faith formation of any sort).