Maggie on the Dennis Miller Show

Maggie was on the Dennis Miller Show yesterday (interviewed by a guest host) to discuss last week’s ruling on DOMA and Proposition 8. ¬†You can listen below.

One thought on “Maggie on the Dennis Miller Show

  1. Maggie,

    While there is much talk of inevitability, there is also a lot of fear over religious freedom and being forced to provide public accommodation. Losing religious freedom due to ostracization from polite society is a serious potential consequence, and I wonder if social conservatives can find some measure of protection. Have you considered a Grand Bargain that would run something like this?

    You and a majority of religious groups and social conservatives make the following offer:

    A uniform gay marriage amendment for state constitutions that provides for gay marriage and religious liberty. The conservative groups pledge to fight for the enactment of these amendments nationwide, and make them happen in every state.

    If this happened, religious conservatives would be remembered for generations as the heroes in this tale – the ones who ensured gay marriage would be legal for all. This would certainly assure religious freedom as a matter of gratitude from a thankful society.

    I am afraid that if we fight it out tooth and nail, marriage equality supporters will have little incentive to respect our religious views, and we will feel the same social stigma 10 years from now that those who are opposed to interracial marriage feel today.