The Gay Man’s Adoption Advantage

The Washington Post has a story on how parents, especially gay dads, are using social media to circumvent the traditional adoption process.  The story also reveals that troubled women seeking adoption deliberately (sometimes) prefer gay dads.  Why? So their children will not have a hands on mother that replaces them:

The Brads are not in danger of that kind of surprise, since they remain in touch with Juliana, who lives in Upstate New York.

Reached by phone, Juliana said she felt particularly comfortable with her child being adopted by gay men.

“Women, it’s not in our nature to ever want to feel like we’re being replaced,” she said. “We don’t want there to be a new girlfriend; we don’t want there to be another mother.” Although the Brads have full custody of Kyler, they call her his mother and visit her regularly.

“Gay baby daddies are the best baby daddies,” she said. “They give you things like ice cream makers for your birthday.”