L.A. Times: Moral Issues Can’t Simply Be Ruled Invalid

Maggie had an op/ed printed in the Los Angeles Times today entitled “Moral Issues can’t simply be ruled invalid.”  An excerpt:

To overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy invented a standard of “heightened scrutiny” for any law representing what he termed an “unusual deviation.” As he wrote: “DOMA’s unusual deviation from the usual tradition of recognizing and accepting state definitions of marriage here operates to deprive same-sex couples of the benefits and responsibilities that come with the federal recognition of their marriages.”

But that standard of deviation from “tradition” has never been applied to the many laws enacted by Congress that have affirmed new, leftist values.

Since this was in the print edition of the paper we’ve included a pdf of the article below.

10 thoughts on “L.A. Times: Moral Issues Can’t Simply Be Ruled Invalid

  1. No moral rule should ever be ignored! – Morals are from a constitution that defines all other laws and Ethics and myriads of by-laws. Throw away the TOP CODE OF LAW, and ALL other codes come crashing down with it! – Not only will Polygamy and bestiality be “Life choices” but go a few stages FURTHER, as has already happened in parts of the World… Abortion of full-term babies, euthanasia of post-partum humans from day 1 to 100 years, and then what? – Oh, should I mention that RAPE will become legalised too? And then Murder (already there, but legitimised and controlled by surgeons only so far). We may as well all go and drink ourselves to death, if we do not take action against the RING-LEADERS in a permanent way, very soon. I read somewhere that the “Most dangerous animal is a politician” – a gunman can kill maybe 10, maybe 100 people, but a politician can kill a few hundred MILLION people with the stroke of a pen! (a good comment FaceBook page is “most Politicians are evil, some more deliberately so,,,”

    • You realize, don’t you, that polygamy is sanctioned in the bible? Was a tradition in the Middle East for millenia (and still is in Islamic countries)? So argument-by-tradition and argument-by-bible are not such good ideas….

      • Polygamy was a LEVITE Law, as opposed too GOD’S OWN LAWS, which are everlasting and a pre-requisite to belong to God, as also Jesus (Yeshua/Yahsua) taught mankind. Break ANY of these UPPERMOST Laws, and the MAXIMS set in place to (supposedly) prevent ABUSE of the laws set by Levites, and the “curses” begin, and can drown a Nation in sin so bad, that they will be abhorred by surrounding nations, often to the point that an invasion occurs to “right the Abhorrence”. We must all learn the DIFFERENCE between what God commanded, and social laws were allowed to institute. The Old Testament was added to with Levitical Laws which occasionally allowed punishments that exceeded the MAXIMS (eye-for-eye etc) and as such could be compared with Muslim “Shariah” laws… but do not belong to God Himself. And we all know that Shariah law exceeds what is fair. Yeshua spoke of such unfairness and injustice, and acted on it in some parts of the NT, to the point of criticizing the leaders of the Jewish religion… which made him an assassination target by the ungodly leaders of His day.

        • And who defines what ‘GOD’S OWN LAWS’ are? You, Bob Koomans, wielder of the CAPS LOCK?

          The fact is that the U.S. is not a theocracy, and I’m grateful for that. (Look at what theocracy has gotten Iran.) So what your god believes doesn’t matter at all.

          The Native American gods loved gay sex, and many native americans took male wives. That was the original American definition of marriage, but that doesn’t matter at all.

          My God preaches love for one’s brother, and treating all mankind as equals. My God was anti-slavery before it was fashionable. My God preaches equal marriage for all. But that doesn’t matter either.

          What matters is the Constitution of the United States, and that says equal treatment for all. If you’re not on board with all that makes America great, perhaps you should move to Iran or Saudi Arabia.

          • God defined what Marriage was and how it was enacted.. originally by witnessed between the parent/s of both husband and wife. It was only for a tie of a male and female together, and the order was to Procreate. Male on Male cannot procreate, they can steal or adopt kids, but there is nothing natural in that. A child needs a balance of understanding, and that is passed on by opposite gender sides of marriage. Anything else denies such balance, and is listed in Psychiatry as a form of child abuse. So, even scientific study shows need for a balanced upbringing. The fact that some tribes practiced homosexual marriages or sodomy is irelevant to reality, as much as Canibalism is to proper food. These are deviations from what the Creator designed, and are considered abhorrent to their Creator. Yeshua called many sexual sins an Abomination… and especially where rape or bestiality or homosexuality is concerned. Societies that ignored God’s original Laws, did not last long. Even the Jews had problems when they departed from God’s way, yet when they repented, things got better. So what do we learn from this? – A: it is better to follow an ancient set of laws that were considered like the CONSTITUTION for mankind. Curses do follow nations that refuse to follow that. And so many churches using God’s name are infidels to His Laws, and have had curses following them since 231AD when some guy tried to start changing the rules, and got ousted by the very people he changed them for: The Sun Worshippers!

          • My God (Coyote, the Trickster) states that marriage should be between any group of people who want to have sex with one another. My god was here before the white people. Why is your god better than mine? My god didn’t kill his only son, who in turn offered his own flesh to be eaten by his followers. That’s disgusting.

  2. Maggie,

    Do you think that my partner of 26 years and I, legally married after being together for 17 years in Massachusetts, should be punished by the federal government for being married? And if not, perhaps you could write a *positive* blog post about this?

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  4. I find is so sad that Russia has laws banning homosexuality, but the nations that are supposed to be the ‘free world’ are allowing anything, & everything to be ‘legal’. When a Russian newspaper calls our president ‘a weak-eyed fool & leader of Sodom & Gomorrah’, that tells me that we are on a collision course with God. And, it ain’t gonna be pretty! Those that have promoted these immoral acts WILL pay the ultimate price. All we can do is hold fast to God, & ask Him to protect those of us who sincerely worship the One TRUE God.