Chicago Gay Bar to Host Gallagher, Corvino for Marriage Discussion

From the Chicago Phoenix:

An event that will bring Maggie Gallagher, the former president of the intensely anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, to a popular Boystown entertainment destination for a conversation on marriage equality next month is drawing ire among local queer activists.

The event, as part of The Marin Foundation’s Living in the Tension speaker series on marriage equality, will host Gallagher and Dr. John Corvino, a nationally recognized columnist and LGBT rights activist, at Roscoe’s Tavern, 3356 N. Halsted St. July 23.

And some in the local LGBT and queer rights activism communities are outraged that the anti-gay figure will be welcomed at one of Boystown’s mainstays.

But Corvino, a national marriage equality advocate, says it’s nothing to be upset about.

Corvino and Gallagher co-authored a 2012 point-counterpoint book on marriage equality called Debating Same-Sex Marriage.

The activist and author tells Chicago Phoenix that contrary to early reports, the gathering is not what people think it is.

“I want to make it clear that the event at Roscoe’s won’t be a debate,” Corvino said. “But rather a public dialogue about building relationships in spite of deep moral differences.”

Corvino described his participation in the gathering in keeping with the mission of its host, The Marin Foundation.

Update: The event has been canceled at Roscoe’s by the Marin Foundation.  We’ll let you know if and when it is rescheduled at another venue.