Why Obama Never Says Abortion

Perhaps you noticed that President Obama became the first president to speak at a Planned Parenthood gala, without ever mentioning the word abortion.

This new poll suggests why: 55 percent of Americans, including 38 percent of pro-lifers, do not know that Planned Parenthood provides any abortions. Just 6 percent of all Americans know Planned Parenthood clinics perform more than 300,000 abortions each year.

Alongside the refusal of television and other media to cover the sensationally disturbing Gosnell trial, this fact alone exposes the extent of the Left’s cultural domination of the media-infotainment landscape. The culture war is a war over the power to “name reality.” The new, new Left is consciously exercising this power, shamelessly. Read More…

Video: FRC Hero Thwarts Domestic Terrorist

The Family Research Council (FRC) has released video footage of the terrorist (whom I refuse to name) who entered FRC last year armed with 100 rounds of ammo.  Security guard Leo Johnson tackled him after having his arm shattered by a gunshot, saving countless lives.  The would-be killer told the FBI he targeted FRC based on the Southern Poverty Law Center “anti-gay hate” list.  An unrepentant SPLC still has that list up.

California’s AB 460: Redefining Infertility

In California, legislators fresh from the job of redefining marriage and redefining parenthood, are now onto the great task of redefining “infertility.”  AB 460 will right the great injustice nature has imposed on gay couples by mandating health insurance cover gay infertility.


I do not know if they must attempt to have sex for a year without producing a child (as heterosexual couples must) to qualify as “infertile.”

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A Gay Son’s Love for His Father

Matt Salmon defends his father as loving and tolerant even though he doesn’t support same-sex marriage:  ““Whether I can legally marry in Arizona or not, it’s not going to change that fact and my father knows that and he accepts my desire to be with the man that I love. As far as it goes with marriage for him, it’s a matter of what marriage means to him. To him, marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. It has nothing to do with the way he views a person’s relationship, and that’s the thing that I think is hard for people to understand. . . .“My father loves me very much and he supports me and he respects me. He’s very much there for me as one of my closest friends. I think that was obvious in everything that he had to say.”

New Study: Will Same-Sex Marriage Benefit Same-Sex Couples?

Marriage generally makes men and women in opposite sex couples healthier, happier and better-off financially.  With the legal status of marriage have the same effect on same-sex couples?  Time will tell.  But a new study in the International Journal of Epidemiology in of all Danish couples (not a sample) finds that gay men who are married do not get the same mortality benefits as husbands married to wives.

Frisch and Simonsen, Feb 2013, “Marriage, Cohabitation and Mortality in Denmark: National Cohort Study of 6.5 million persons followed for up to three decades (1982-2011).

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Fat and Happy?

A new study suggests that the happier they are in marriage, the more likely spouses are to gain weight:


Spouses completed measures of height, weight, marital satisfaction, stress, steps toward divorce, and several covariates biannually for 4 years. Results: Supporting the mating market model, own and partner satisfaction were positively associated with changes in weight, and this association was mediated by steps toward divorce: Spouses who were less satisfied than usual or had partners who were less satisfied than usual were more likely to consider divorce and thus less likely to gain weight. Conclusions: These findings challenge the idea that quality relationships always benefit health, suggesting instead that spouses in satisfying relationships relax their efforts to maintain their weight because they are no longer motivated to attract a mate.

Mark Sanford and Rick Santorum

I just saw this news story, that Rick Santorum stumped for Mark Sanford’s GOP opponent in South Carolina.


Bless him.


I don’t think I could vote for Mark Sanford.  It’s not merely his sin, but his unrepentant and arrogant effort to surmount his sin.  He has not even married his mistress.  He has not reconciled with his wife who, with great dignity, refuses to engage.  I understand why some folks on public policy grounds will vote for him.  All I can say is: I would not.