Maggie on Supreme Court Case in Politico

Maggie Gallagher is quoted twice in this recent Politico article noting the silence of GOP elites on the issue of gay marriage:

“I’m personally grateful to Speaker Boehner for being willing to defend the law, but it’s clear GOP elites don’t want to talk about it and want to keep it as quiet as possible,” said Maggie Gallagher, a founder of the National Organization for Marriage and a fellow at the conservative American Principles Project. “That’s so obvious, I don’t see any point in pretending otherwise.”

. . .

But Gallagher said the election wasn’t really a test of the appeal of conservative social positions — and Republicans would be unwise to abandon their defense of DOMA.

“The Republican Party tried the ‘truce’ strategy in this election,” Gallagher said. “The problem was not that they ran on social issues and lost. … If you never mention social issues, of course the only people who vote on social issues are going to be the ones who disagree with you.”

“I think it would be of very little political benefit to Republicans to bail out suddenly now at the Supreme Court level,” she said. “It’s very clear the base of the Republican Party very much opposes gay marriage.”

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