Maggie in PBS Article on Supreme Court Case

PBS Newshour quotes Maggie Gallagher in its article on the challenges to DOMA and Proposition 8 before the Supreme Court:

“It’s going to be a national battle from day one because the question is whether people who are married in Massachusetts who are same sex are going to have to be recognized in all 50 states … It’s a big national conversation about what marriage is and what it’s for and whether fundamentally it’s about adult interests and agendas in sexual liberty and sexual affirmations or if it’s about the idea that all of us have an obligation to give our children mothers and fathers.”


Joel Ginsberg
Joel Ginsberg

I'm a left wing gay Jewish Berkeleyite whose come across you for the first time tonight. You're good. I agree with much of what you have to say. But I don't understand your position on gay marriage. I agree that marriage is a good thing that deserves communal support and protection. But gay marriage doesn't in the least take away from heterosexual marriage or the institution of marriage in general. Heterosexual people are not more likely to become something other than heterosexual. There will be more babies. Gay sex and relationships corrode moral values and practice no more than heterosexual sex and relationships. I was going to say also that the embrace of homosexuals does not weaken or warp male and female social and sex roles, but that's not entirely true: traditional male and female roles are bound to be altered as homosexuality is normalized. But those chances in tradition are not those which discourage marriage. Feminists, men and women in touch with both their hardness and softness, these things to not preclude committed, monogamous relationships: they make those relationships less brittle and more durable. The normalization of gay marriage also will make gay culture more traditional, stigmatizing gay sexual immorality. Gay marriage is good for gays, and it's good for straight marriage.