New Study Finds Children Living with Same-Sex Couples Do Worse in School

In 2010, Demography published  Rosenfeld’s  analysis of Census data showing no difference between children living with same-sex couples and children in married families on the only measure of child well-being the Census contains: normal school progress.  A new re-evaluation of this study  by Prof. Douglas Allen and colleagues was just published in Demography.  Rosenfeld reached his conclusions after excluding from the analysis children who were not the “own child” of the respondent (i.e. adopted and stepchildren) and even more oddly, also any family which had moved in the past 5 years.

Allen and colleagues show two things.  First, Rosenfeld’s methods yield a conclusion that children with same-sex couples are “no different” from every family form (except divorced men), including family forms with well-known disadvantages, such as never-married mothers.  His method is unable to detect  in other words any statistically significant difference between children living with single moms, children living with gay couples, and children living in intact married households.  But of course in reality children living with same-sex couples who are “no different” on school progress from single moms would be doing radically different from children with married parents.  The problem is in the study design, which lacks statistical power to detect real differences.

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Why I’m Voting For The Maryland DREAM Act

The latest polls in the conventional swing states show a close race, with neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama clearly ahead. Yet they also show a surprising number of formerly solid blue states now within Romney’s reach.

The rust belt is creakily swinging, according to new polls in Wisconsin, Michigan and even Pennsylvania, where a Franklin and Marshall poll released on Halloween has Obama up by just 4 points, within the margin of error, and under 50 percent.

But what surprised me the most are the new polls from Minnesota and Oregon (my home state).

Take Oregon first, which has not voted for a Republican candidate for president since Ronald Reagan’s landslide in 1984.

Two separate polls of likely voters released in late October show Obama at the 47 percent mark — with Romney at either 41 percent or 42 percent. Obama is under 50 percent and Romney is within or almost within the margin of error. And undecided voters break 2-1 for Romney when pushed.

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NRO: The New Electoral Map

The New Electoral Map

By Maggie Gallagher
November 4, 2012 11:09 A.M.

Minnesota and Pennsylvania are both in play. Actually, a new poll today shows Obama is under 50 percent — in Maine.

These aren’t the normal swing states. And yet polls in the normal swing states show Obama tied with Romney.

What is happening?

My guess is not necessarily as good as anyone else’s but here goes: Obama is running a highly effective campaign. Where he is focusing resources, he is fighting Romney to a draw and perhaps a win in key battleground states. In the meantime, the rest of the country is swinging Romney strongly.

The horrible economy and Romney’s effective focus on jobs is pushing him forward.

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Marriage Debate at Evergreen State College

On October 19, The Evergreen State College with support from the Cal Anderson Memorial Endowment hosted a debate on Marriage Equality, with Andrew Koppelman, John Paul Stevens Professor of Law at Northwestern University, and Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage.