Is Marriage Dead?

At First Thing a young Christian Greg Forster responds to another young Christian’s view: no point in defending against gay marriage because marriage is already dead.

My take:  If marriage really were dead, people would not respond so powerfully to the idea that marriage matters because children need their mom and dad.
Despair is the most potent spiritual weapon the Enemy has against us.  If you despair, I respect that, but why try to get others who have hope to despair?  Do the things for which you have hope. But you may be wrong about the future.  Do not discourage others who have hope from acting on it.

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The New Sexual Predators

From the Witherspoon Institute


The New Sexual Predators

by Alana S. Newman

September 25, 2012
Young women now have to defend themselves not only from stereotypical sexual predators, but also from older women and gay men who seek their eggs.

Value depends on scarcity. In the world of human reproduction, the most valuable entity is the fertile female—specifically, her eggs and her womb.

The fierce politics surrounding female fecundity and women’s reproductive rights rests not only on a woman’s ability to create new life, but also on the incredible amount of commitment and risk involved when her eggs and her womb are accessed for procreation. Since women are fertile for a shorter period than men, since gestation takes forty long weeks, and since labor and delivery pose life-threatening risks, young women always will face disproportionately high demands for access to their bodies. But those demands are rising in unexpected ways, and from unexpected people.

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Getting Serious About Catholicism?

Salvatore Crodleone, the godfather of Prop 8, will be installed as the archbishop of San Francisco the first week in October.

The LA Times reports:

 “Oasis California, the Episcopal Church’s gay ministry, convened a meeting recently at a Castro District bar to discuss how spiritual people should respond to the “architect of Prop. 8″ coming to town.

Cordileone’s appointment “re-emphasizes the Vatican’s concern, and the U.S. bishops’ concern, about gay marriage,” said Father Thomas J. Reese, a senior fellow at Georgetown University’s Woodstock Theological Center. “Even in a city like San Francisco, they’re willing to appoint someone who … has a high state and national profile on this issue.

“They’re serious,” Reese said, “and they’re not going to back down.”

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Two Very Different Reactions–We Are Your Voice for Biblical Values

Just a quick update, from Virginia, where a distinguished group of pastors spoke up for the Bible’s understanding of marriage–and against Pres. Obama’s efforts to change the minds of the black church.
Here’s TV news coverage of the event:


And here’s the new internet TV ad we released there:

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The Romney Fumbles

Let me begin with a prediction: Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States.

Why? Because I cannot believe the people of the United States will re-elect a sitting president who has spent so much of their money to achieve so little visible result.

But polls are showing it’s close, very close, and that Romney starts the fourth quarter slightly behind or dead even with a failed president.

The conventional wisdom is that social issues are the problem for the GOP coalition.

Ann Romney, bless her loyal wifely heart, became a living example of this convention when she was asked by a Davenport Iowa TV station if she supports gay marriage.

She said, “I’m not going to talk about the specific issues.  I’m going to let my husband speak on issues.I’m here to really just talk about my husband and what kind of husband and father he is.”

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Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Admits Obama Will Lose Votes over SSM

“The Coalition of African American Pastors has criticized the president for saying that same-sex marriage should be legal, and Cleaver, who has been a pastor for many years, was asked in the interview whether Obama’s position on same-sex marriage will hurt him with black voters. He said he believed Obama’s stance would reduce support, but only marginally.”

Equal Protection for Conservatives and Christians

Tell Congress to make sure Christians and other traditional believer receive the equal protection of the laws: Hate, death threats, and now physical shootings are being made against supporters of traditional marriage–and yet the police in our nation’s capitol have yet to classify them as a potential hate crime–even though the D.C. law specifically requires it.

No-one should be afraid to speak, to donate, to write, to vote or to politically organize on behalf of an idea as beautiful and basic as: to make a marriage you need a husband and wife.

As a special gift for taking action, you will receive a free subscription to my newsletter Culture War Victory Fund.

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Black Pastors Say ‘Stay Home’ Election Day

From Newsmax


AP: Black Pastors Say ‘Stay Home’ Election Day

Sunday, 16 Sep 2012 12:41 PM

Some black clergy see no good presidential choice between a Mormon candidate and one who supports gay marriage, so they are telling their flocks to stay home on Election Day. That’s a worrisome message for the nation’s first African-American president, who can’t afford to lose any voters from his base in a tight race.

The pastors say their congregants are asking how a true Christian could back same-sex marriage, as President Barack Obama did in May. As for Republican Mitt Romney, the first Mormon nominee from a major party, congregants are questioning the theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its former ban on men of African descent in the priesthood.

In 2008, Obama won 95 percent of black voters and is likely to get an overwhelming majority again. But any loss of votes would sting.

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WSJ Highlights Perils of Ignoring Constituents in NY

Also, three more (2 House, 1 Senate) are up for reelection in 2014

NY voters’ gay marriage reaction a caution for GOP

ALBANY, N.Y. — Republican primary voters in New York punished two incumbents last week who voted to legalize same-sex marriage, firing a potential warning shot nationwide toward GOP lawmakers who could soon face tough votes in their states.

Two of the four veteran — and long-secure — Republican senators in New York who voted for same-sex marriage a year ago await counts of absentee ballots as they sweat out the political fight of their lives. A third announced his retirement this year in the face of strong opposition to his gay marriage vote. A fourth won his primary Thursday but only after a fierce and nasty campaign that included homophobic images and phrases.

“Gay marriage is a very, very tricky issue, particularly for Republicans,” said Lawrence Levy, executive dean of the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University. “The moderate, independent voters who tend to be swing voters in suburban communities tend to be tolerant, and supportive of gay marriage and other social issues.”

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