Repeal Obama’s Anti-Religious Mandates

The Senate will vote on SB1467 this week—Missouri Senator Roy Blunt’s “Respect for Rights of Conscience Act.” This bill will protect your liberty and children’s lives by gutting Obamacare mandates.

Tell Congress: take away Pres. Obama’s power to order people of faith to subsidize abortion-causing drugs. Sign the petition below to send a message to Congress to protect your faith and your freedom from Obamacare abortion mandates.

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Dateline Kochville Township, Michigan

Local coverage of our Kochville Township RickBus stop:

KOCHVILLE TOWNSHIP, MI (WNEM) -Joyce Petrie, along with about a dozen other people, gathered this morning in Kochville Township to catch a glimpse of a bus tour that is supporting presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum.”I just have to be here to say I support him and hopefully my friends do,” says Petrie.Leaders of pro-life and pro-family organizations launched the bus tour, in an effort to gain support for Santorum.

Those involved withthe tour say they know the race is tight, so they’re doing everything they can to get Santorum the votes.

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Dateline Lansing: Can Rick Santorum Beat Obama?


From an interview with MIRS news, a political new service in Lansing, Michigan last Friday:

Gallagher: Santorum Better Than Romney Against Obama

“Rick SANTORUM’s ability to ignite the GOP base and appeal to blue-collar voters means he’s the best candidate to face President Barack OBAMA this fall,” Culture War Victory Fund Director Maggie Gallagher told MIRS today.

“I think Santorum has a better shot in the general election,” she said in an interview today in Lansing. “I know that’s not the conventional wisdom. But the conventional wisdom has been wrong for every step of the election.”

Gallagher is a founder of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) that has fought gay marriage proposals across the country and a frequent guest on the national talk show circuit.

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Dateline: Flint, Michigan


Lathan Goumas

The Flint Journal covers the RickBus:

The bus stopped in the back parking lot of Applebee’s restaurant off Miller Road this afternoon—part of a six day, 15-city tour in Michigan prior to Tuesday’s presidential primary—and was greeted by around two dozen supporters and some Santorum detractors.

“On the issue of life, Rick Santorum was always faithful,” said Musgrave, a former Colorado congresswoman and vice president of the pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List. “We love his leadership on the issues. We know he is a truly a leader on life.”

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RickBus Update: Daily Beast Notices Santorum Surging with Women

I talked to a reporter from the Daily Beast about Santorum’s surging approval ratings from GOP women:

What I think women are responding to as they get to know Rick is that he is a good man,” Gallagher said. “You don’t see guys like that in politics very much.”

She called the contraception issue in particular “political clutter,” and observed that Santorum’s willingness to stand by the position that he personally opposes contraception may actually have helped him among conservative women, who are looking for a leader willing to stand their ground on issues they care about. She also said that the perception that women are liberal and pro-choice, and so would be alienated by Santorum’s positions on social issues, is wrong.

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Washington Times: Santorumobile Tours Michigan!

Washington Times notices the RickBus:


It’s still campaign bus season. Witness the big blue “Rick Bus,” bound for Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and a dozen other Michigan cities in the name of “life, marriage and religious liberty.”

. . . .The bus will roll over crucial territory at a critical time. The Michigan primary is Tuesday. Mr. Santorum has lost some momentum in the state to rival Mitt Romney, who has bombarded the state with $4 million in aggressive campaign ads in recent days, yielding him an uptick in favorability polls.

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Dateline Kalamazoo: RickBus Rolls!

Kalamazoo Gazette says, “Maggie Gallagher, the director of Culture War Victory Fund, joked that the group was Santorum’s unofficial tour campaign.”

He’s been such a leader for life, marriage and religious liberty. He’s winning issues with women and his numbers are surging. People—like that he stands up for what’s right,” Gallagher said.

Here’s the RickBus in the snow:

Ursula Zerilli | Kalamazoo Gazette

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